Shall we talk maternity photoshoots today? Although it is true many of our clients do not always feel spectacular about themselves when carrying, we believe totally otherwise. Here is a father-to-be’s gentle thoughts on this magical, meanigful, and transformative time for him and his family.
“When I heard Kate was pregnant with our first child I instantly thought I should pay a visit to our wedding photographer and ask them to get a maternity and newborn package for her and our first days as parents. Kate was a little hesitant about being captured while pregnant when her figure has changed from what it looked like on our wedding day. However to my eyes there is nothing more sacred than knowing that the woman I chose to spend my entire life with is with our first child, and I love her body for being able to do this. I would choose to be with Kate any way she looked because it was never about the looks. It was about love. I talked to Vesi and Yiannis how to make this possible and they in turn discussed with Kate about the style of this shoot. I loved the results and so did my wife. I think this time in our lives is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see the next when our baby is with us!”


From Vesi:

Your body is growing a human, and your heart is beating for two. Your power to sustain life is proof how magnificent you are, this is something you need to remember. Whether it is your first or your fourth child, this baby will change life forever for you and your family and as your dynamic from couple to parents is changing chances are you will soon forget what it is like to carry. As a mamma I can already tell you I am trying hard to recall how it felt like to carry a human inside of me, and even if I didn’t love being pregnant I did want to remember what it felt like. The photos taken by my brother always help take me back. Now that maternity shoots can have a mamma feel like a goddess that she is, a maternity photographer she can trust will have her feel at ease. The result will make your heart melt.